Are you ready to get serious about writing? No more dabbling. No more partial stories or starts and stops. This is the year to make big progress.

Writing a novel is no small feat. It really helps to have a support system. It helps to have a qualified coach. You don’t have to do this alone.

Our Arche Year Cohort will give you the method, motivation, and skills to accomplish your writing goals this year. If you can commit 10 hours per week, in one year you will write a complete novel manuscript and launch a professional author’s marketing platform. You will complete this program ready to publish.

Classes start October 14th. You’ll meet with Brad Pauquette, your coach, live on Zoom for 60-90 minutes once per week at 2pm ET on Thursdays with a group of no more than 12 writers. The course is completely online, aspiring writers from all over the world are invited to apply. No writing experience necessary.

To get started, simply fill out this simple application.

Among our students who follow the course guidance and follow through on the time commitment, 100% achieve their goal of writing a manuscript and building an author’s platform.

We will coach you through writing a complete novel manuscript, walking alongside of you every step of the way. We will also teach you the business side of professional writing. This isn’t an introductory course with some how-to tips, this is a comprehensive program that will launch you in real time. You will leave this course moving fast and ready to publish.

Jeff Lucas graduated from our 2021 program. He wrote an excellent novel and built a booming author’s platform in just 10 months. Here’s what he had to say: “Just a month after completing the SOKW Cohort I landed a freelance gig with a blog that has over 80,000 subscribers. I know what I’m doing! I understand the writing, editing and blogging process, both in the content creation and on the back end. I was able to jump right in and start creating quality content. I wouldn’t have known how to do any of this before the School of Kingdom Writer’s program.”

Jeff is building an audience for his work and he’s already getting paid to write, making real money with just a few hours per week.

Meet our other 2021 graduates here. Each one of them had amazing things to say about their experience. These are busy working adults with families and full-time responsibilities. They made time in their schedule and committed themselves to the process.

If you’re a Christian who is serious about writing, there is no other program like this one. It really works.

Apply today. You must apply by October 7, 2021.

The cost of the program is $1,999, which can be paid in a monthly payment of $250. This tuition fee includes one-on-one coaching with Brad Pauquette for one year, small group support, lifetime access to all of the course materials, and a printed workbook shipped to you.

Space is limited! Apply today. We can’t wait to see you soar!

(Alternately, a self-paced, on-demand version of the Arche Year program is available here for $10/month. Click to learn more.)

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