Writer (.n) – 1. A person who writes. 2. A person who commits his or her thoughts, ideas, etc. to writing.

-The Dictionary

Have you seen this kind of thing? “It doesn’t matter how much you write—you may not have written in a month, a year, or ever—but don’t let anyone tell you you’re not a writer.” I see this idea  on social media all the time.

It’s a nice idea, and I understand the sentiment. But a writer is someone who writes. It’s not an identity that you can just apply to yourself.

This idea fits our postmodern culture. “You are what you say you are,” is what our culture says. Unfortunately, it’s just not true.

In the case of writing, you are what you do. A writer is one who writes.

This is not just semantics. If God has called you to write, you have to actually write. God isn’t calling you to apply an aspirational identity to yourself. There are things He’s calling you to do, and people He’s calling you to reach.

As we sort through applications for the Christian writing training program at the School of Kingdom Writers, one of the biggest things that we see is people who say they want to be a writer but have never actually written anything. They’ve done very little experimentation in the field on their own.

This presents some big issues.

There’s nothing stopping you from writing right now. If you’re reading this, then you presumably have some device upon which you can write. Bestselling books have been written on phones! If you don’t have anything to write upon, you can buy a pad of paper and pen for less than $3. You can buy a Chromebook for less than $100. No one lacks the resources to start writing if it’s the most important thing to you.

Oftentimes we think, “if only I had [fill in the blank], then I would start writing.” But in our hearts we know that’s false. Resources, training, etc. are good and probably necessary to reach your highest ambitions as a writer. But they won’t stop you from writing today.

The truth is, if you’re not already writing on your own, it’s not a resource issue. If you’re not writing today, there’s something going on in your heart and mind that training and resources won’t fix. It can certainly be fixed, but it’s up to you to overcome those barriers.

But you can fix it! You CAN do it! Ask the Lord to help.

Don’t wait! Start today. Pray and then just write. Even if it’s terrible, even if it’s gibberish. Even if you’re just copying the text from this post (I give you permission to do so!). A writer is not one who writes well, it isn’t one who writes profoundly, it’s simply one who writes. You can do that RIGHT NOW.

A writer is not an identity you can just throw on. A writer is one who writes. It’s something you do.

You want to be a writer? Then get writing!

If you’re not writing, then today is the day that you become a writer. You can do it. We believe in you. And we’re here to help. You are welcome in this community as you find your way.

Contributed by Brad Pauquette
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