Life’s too short to try to figure everything out on your own.

That’s what I did. I started from scratch and learned a lot of this writing and publishing stuff through trial and error.

It took me a long, long time to figure some things out, and I even had the privilege to go after it full-time.

Today I’m introducing The Novel Matrix. This book is the culmination of fifteen years working as a developmental editor and writing mentor.

Check it out and grab your copy on Amazon here:

The Novel Matrix by Brad Pauquette

The Novel Matrix provides the essential structures and systems that make novel-length stories work. It provides the foundational principles for successful stories, without overwhelming you or sucking the creativity out of the process.

After reading The Novel Matrix, my friend Emily Hitchcock, the CEO of Boyle & Dalton, said, “I wish every author had this information before they queried my publishing company. The Novel Matrix is an absolute game changer.”

So much of what we find in writing advice is just a rehashing of the same dusty academic jargon. The Novel Matrix is a truly fresh perspective. You’ll find some similar ideas to other writing systems, but this is a new way of bringing all of the pieces together.

It’s not just theory, either. It’s also application.

I wrote an earlier draft of The Novel Matrix that focused on theory. Several of my early readers told me, “It’s fascinating, but what I want to know is what to do with this now.” So now you have it.

The Novel Matrix is a significant portion of what we practice here at The Company. It’s not a substitute for working it out together side-by-side in our apprenticeship, but this book gives you a big piece of the information that’s springboarding authors like Thirzah and Alli Prince to professional status.

I don’t just want you to buy the book. It’s more important than that. My mission is to help Christ-followers tell their stories and to flood the marketplace with really good stuff. I don’t win when you buy this book, I win when you write your book. (And even then, I hope it’s Jesus who wins.)

I want you to have these tools. That’s my job on the team. I’m a glorified bat boy. It’s your job to put the tools to work.

Grab The Novel Matrix on Amazon here:

So check it out. Tell me what you think. When you write your book, keep me in the loop.

-Brad Pauquette
Director, The Company
Writing Mentor & Publishing Expert

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