Eddy Skripko is a talented writer and we are privileged to call him a graduate of our 2021 Arche Year Cohort. His is a name you’ll want to remember as we watch him bloom.

Eddy joined the program from Hawaii, where he works as a full-time retail manager. Eddy has been gifted with an incredible heart to hear and share the stories of society’s outcasts.

“My expectation was just to come in and learn how to write a book,” he explained in our Men of Arche Year podcast episode. “I totally did not expect it to turn into what it was because you don’t just touch on the writing part, you touch on what it takes to be successful in this industry. You talk about marketing, you talk about social media, you talk about all these things that are necessary. And the writing process, you gave us really great exercises that I didn’t expect…”

The Arche Year Cohort is an intensive part-time remote program. This year’s class graduated five individuals from diverse backgrounds around the United States.

Through the program, Eddy drafted a complete novel manuscript in just eight months. His novel shares the story of a woman who is rejected, in every sense of the word, and restored by God. His writing is realistic, compelling, and emotional.

We believe Eddy is called to write, and it’s been a privilege to sow into him through the Arche Year Cohort. We did a complete podcast episode with him, which you can watch below, find on your favorite podcast app, or listen to at the bottom of this post.

“Following through with what I’ve committed to and taking this opportunity, I have seen so much blessing come out of it and it’s grown me in intense ways,” he explained when asked about his sense of calling as a writer. “Honestly, just taking that opportunity and taking that chance, God blessed it, so that just verified my calling.”

Eddy’s encouragement to the outcasts of our society comes from his own personal experience, a journey God continues to walk him through. “Through finding some friends who were Christians and through finding Jesus, I just really stopped feeling like an outcast,” he told us. “I’ve got this heart for people out there who are going through that same struggle, so I think God’s calling on me is to write about things that give the same hope to some of those folks out there…I think that is why my voice needs to be heard. God has pulled me through this and He wants me to use that to His Glory.”

In addition to his novel manuscript, Eddy also built a complete marketing platform for his work. You can find him on Facebook or on his website, EddySkripko.com.

Are you ready to kickstart your writing career? A new Arche Year cohort is now enrolling. Write a novel and build a professional author’s marketing platform in one year with just ten hours per week. Learn more and apply today.

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