Joshua Eno committed himself to our Arche Year program and excelled at it. We’re proud to work with such a talented writer, and we’re elated to call him a graduate of our 2021 Arche Year Cohort!

Josh’s path to the Arche Year program was different from most students. He is one of our founding board members, watching and shaping this organization from the first day. He volunteered to participate in Arche Year in part to get an insider’s perspective on the School of Kingdom Writers program. Josh is a writer and academic, currently working as a specialized college advisor, so he is a perfect candidate for the program itself, and a perfect candidate to provide qualified feedback and perspective.

He fully committed himself to the program and completed every aspect of it. He wrote a novel manuscript, built an author’s platform, and provided in-depth feedback and analysis of the program.

As a busy professional and father, the choice to enroll in the Arche Year program wasn’t easy for Josh. The ten hour per week commitment was far above and beyond his existing duties as an SOKW board member. “I think there are these times when we are presented with opportunities that feel like they’ve just shown up out of the blue,” he explained on our Men of Arche Year podcast episode. “Sometimes we talk about ‘all things being equal…’ and sometimes I think things really are sort of equal. And you sort of get this choice: are you going to do this or not? Are you going to take this opportunity or not? Are you going to go through that door or not? And it’s okay if you do, and it’s okay if you don’t. But sometimes you can take those opportunities, and in those moments hear God saying, ‘Well why not?’”

We did a full podcast episode with Josh. You can watch it here, listen to it at the end of this post, or find the School of Kingdom Writers Podcast on your favorite Podcast app.

Josh loves the English language. There are these moments where you can see him turn a phrase over in his head, relishing it. He’s also the kind of guy that will quote a poem from memory at a party.

As part of the Arche Year program, he’s built an author’s platform that helps others to appreciate poetry in the everyday. Check out his very cool website at, or connect with him on Facebook or Instagram.

Equal parts literary and science fiction, the novel manuscript he’s written is a near-future look at how a man understands himself. Is he his occupation, his family—what is life worth, especially in our changing world?

“I knew the curriculum was going to involve technical tools, which I wanted to learn more about anyway, that was interesting to me,” he said in our podcast. “I didn’t necessarily come in focused on the novel process, and that’s really been a surprising element for me. If you’ve never done it, it’s a trip. It’s still a trip, it’s ongoing, but that whole creative process, seeing how that gets shaped over time and where these ideas come from, seemingly out of the blue sometimes, has been really fascinating for me, and that’s been a really rich experience.”

Thank you, Josh, for your unwavering commitment and sacrifice to make the School of Kingdom Writers the best that it can be. And congratulations on successfully completing the Arche Year Cohort program. It’s no small task, and you have done it with aplomb.

Are you ready to kickstart your writing career? A new Arche Year cohort is now enrolling. Write a novel and build a professional author’s marketing platform in one year with just ten hours per week. Learn more and apply today.

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