We are so proud of our 2021 Arche Year graduates. In less than a year, they have each written a complete novel and built a professional author’s platform.

That means they have real books on the way and they’re seeing real Kingdom impact right now!

We don’t just write the books and hope for the best. Each of these writers built a website and social media presence where they are already bringing the light and love of Jesus to the world.

We did a full podcast episode with each of these graduates. Click the links below to learn more about them, and to see how they’re reaching Americans with the love of Jesus.

Are you ready to get serious about writing? This year’s Cohort is forming now. Learn more here. These graduates are people just like you—working adults with families, commitments, and responsibilities. Not one of them would have called themselves a “writer” before the program began. They’ve proven that it can be done!

Shannon Dunn Downing - Writer and Snowboarder

Shannon Dunn Downing

Shannon Downing wrote a novel about her journey to become the first U.S. Olympic medalist in the sport of snowboarding. She is passionate about helping young women stand strong in their faith and not let anything stop them from achieving their dreams!

Keep reading about Shannon –>

Joshua Bowers Eno Arche Year Graduate

Joshua Bowers Eno

Josh Eno is a thoughtful, poetic writer. As a member of the SOKW board of directors, he came to the Arche Year program with a different lens than most of our students. He’s now written a compelling novel manuscript, and is teaching others how to bring poetry into their everyday lives.

Keep reading about Josh –>

Jeffrey Lucas Jr. 2021 Arche Year Graduate

Jeffrey Lucas Jr.

Jeff Lucas is challenging the status of quo of Christian financial advice. He’s forcefully advancing a mission-oriented approach to earning, spending, and saving money. He also wrote a Biblical fiction novel that brings to life first-century Israel before the ministry of Jesus.

Keep reading about Jeff –>

Katie Pozzuoli Arche Year Graduate 2021 Writer

Katie Pozzuoli

Katie Pozzuoli zealously advocates for women. On her blog, she teaches and empowers women to lead less stressful but more passionate lives. The novel she has written explores labor trafficking, an often neglected side of human trafficking, which subjects impoverished women to forced labor in the most unexpected of places.

Keep reading about Katie –>

Eddy Skripko Arche Year Cohort Graduate

Eddy Skripko

Eddy Skripko is a talented writer. The novel manuscript he’s written puts on display God’s redemptive presence in the most crisis-ridden areas of our lives. Eddy has a heart for the outcasts in our society, and his website brings the true power of our place as God’s children to light.

Keep reading about Eddy –>

Congratulations to these five amazing individuals. You’ve demonstrated an amazing level of perseverance, and we’re praying for huge Kingdom impact through your work.

These five Arche Year Cohort graduates have accomplished in just nine months what many people dream about for a lifetime.

If you feel God tugging on your heart to write, maybe it’s time for the next steps. Maybe it’s time to start taking that seriously. Our Arche Year program can help. Learn more about Arche Year here.

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