We have extended the student application deadline.

Things have been different than we anticipated this year. When we first set the dates for our application process, we did not anticipate that the COVID situation would persist this long.

The ongoing restrictions have made visiting our campus difficult, and presented some reasonable challenges to the application process. We understand and we want to make as much space as possible for students to apply.

We will be offering in-person, full-time classes this fall, on-site in Zanesville, Ohio. 100%, no exceptions. If we need to meet underground to do it, we will (though we’re confident this won’t be necessary). You can learn more about the program and begin the application process here.

We will now accept applications through the summer and we will accept students to the program on a rolling basis.

What does a “Rolling Basis” mean?

Simply put, we’ll make a determination on applications as they come in. We won’t make applicants wait.

Our highest intention is to seek the counsel of the Holy Spirit on each application. We’ll evaluate them in prayer, and move forward on each application right away. Typically, our process takes about 4 weeks from the time we receive the application to our final determination.

When will you stop accepting applications?

We’ve already accepted two students to the full-time program. We will only accept twelve students per program year. If you’re interested in applying, we strongly encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible.

We will make an announcement when all twelve seats in our 2021-23 program have been filled. At that time, we will no longer accept any applications.

Take a moment and begin the application process right away. Learn more and begin the process here.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@SOKW.org or call us at 740-868-1941.

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