We are pleased to announce that we will be holding Zanesville’s first ever pumpkin auction on October 3rd!

This will be a great community event. We’ll also have live music, games, food trucks, snacks, and more. We want to be a force for kindness and fun in our local Zanesville community, and we’re excited to serve our neighbors with this event.

You can help!

Will you plant some pumpkins to donate to the School of Kingdom Writers for this event?

Our planning and announcements have been delayed due to the continuing COVID pandemic situation, and we’ve been waiting to make an official announcement. But it’s not too late.

Fortunately, right now is the perfect time in Central Ohio to plant 90-100 day pumpkins for a late-September harvest. Pumpkins are simple and inexpensive to grow. Simply put some in the ground, keep them watered, and bring them to Zanesville the week of October 3rd.

You can grow any variety of pumpkin you’d like. Gourds and other winter squashes are great too!

We’ll sell the majority of the pumpkins “pay-as-you-can.” Everyone in the community will be able to participate.

The best pumpkins we’ll auction off with a professional auctioneer. We’ll give out prizes to the individuals and businesses who donate the pumpkin that brings in the highest amount.

Event fund-raising is an important part of small city life. We’re excited to engage with our friends and neighbors in this way!

If you’re willing to put a few seeds in the ground, or maybe donate a portion of what you’ve already planted, please fill out this form and let us know, so that we know how many pumpkins to anticipate.

Have questions? Please contact us.

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