We’ve added a new feature to our website. Check out the Question & Answer board here.

To celebrate the launch and get things rolling, let’s have some fun with it. Ask a question on the new board during the month of December for a chance to win one of three $25 gift certificates to The Company Store. Any question will do—thought-provoking, silly, challenging, or…strange (we seem to be good at that).

At the end of the month, our director, Brad Pauquette, will choose the best three questions and send each of you a $25 gift certificate. There’s a ton of cool stuff you can get at The Company Store, like t-shirts, coffee mugs, and notebooks. Plus we have new designs ready to launch in January.

What’s the “best” question? Well, Brad’s a little quirky, so who knows? It could be the most thought-provoking, funniest, most challenging, or most practical. Maybe it will be the one that inspires the most answers. It’s a good bet that he’ll pick three questions that are very different from each other.

The Q&A board is a Quora-style bulletin board, where questions are easily searchable and the best answers are presented first.

We’ve been looking for a good solution for community support for a while. We’ve tried forums and chat servers, but it hasn’t been the right fit. After lots of pondering, prayer, and experimentation, we’re confident this is going to be a great solution for our community.

There are some really good questions on there already. The resource becomes more valuable the more questions there are. Together, we’ll make this a true encyclopedia of qualified answers to questions about writing, publishing, and our faith walk as Christian creatives.

So ask a question, any question. It can be deep, silly, thought-provoking, or just plain practical. You may ask as many questions as you’d like, just don’t be obnoxious.

There are a ton of ways to get to the Q&A board. Here are three:

  1. Just put Writers.Company/Questions in your address bar. Bam! You’re there. Bookmark it if you’d like.
  2. There’s a link to “Questions” in the footer menu at the bottom of every page of our website.
  3. If you’re a member of The Company (which you should be, join here), when you log in you’ll see “Q&A” in the member menu, next to “Resources.”

We can’t wait to read your questions, and your answers! Everybody has some experience to add, so don’t be afraid to contribute your two cents to an answer as well.

Hop over to the new Q&A board and ask your first question right now!

*Before you enter, make sure to download and read the contest rules here.

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