Update: Our speaker for this event cancelled unexpectedly. This class will now be taught by Brad Pauquette.

Brad Pauquette is an experienced publishing industry professional. With more than a decade under his belt working with writers of every level of the publishing industry, Brad includes many award-winning and bestselling authors on his client list. Learn more about Brad and book him as a speaker at BradPauquette.com.

The Zoom link and time of the event will remain the same. Log in and look below for details.

Finding an agent can be tough! Only about 1% of the writers who seek an agent for traditional publishing will find someone willing to represent their work.

A big part of that is based on the skill of the writer and the quality of the manuscript. But being a great writer with an awesome manuscript doesn't guarantee you success either. You must understand the industry and have a winning strategy.

The first time Jennifer Howell queried for an agent she sent out over 130 queries, basically to any agent that she could find, without success.

The second time she queried, she sent out only twenty-two queries, and more than half of them requested the full manuscript.

What made the difference? That's what she's going to teach you at this course.

This class will focus on develop an intelligent list of potential agents, and how to manage your querying process.

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