Three years ago we began a journey in preparation for this day.

This week four students began our full-time program. These courageous writers are joining us from Texas, Kansas, Ohio, and Maryland! They’ve risked and sacrificed so much to be here.

Over the next two years they will hone their writing skills, develop audiences for their work, and connect with the Holy Spirit in new and powerful ways. We can’t wait to see how they’ll change and grow!

Here’s the thing: they believe. They believe that God is calling them to be writers and that He’ll use them to transform the American media. They believe that God has led them to the School of Kingdom Writers, and that they’ll reach their goals.

We believe, too.

So many of you have believed as well and made this possible. You’ve taken that same step of faith. You’ve chosen to believe. You’ve said yes to prayer, to giving, and you’ve helped us spread the word. I can’t thank you enough.

God has amazing things in store, and we can’t wait to see how He uses these first students. One thing is for sure, the darkness is trembling!

Read a few thoughts from co-founder Melissa Pauquette on her blog here:

Are you ready to write but not yet ready for a full-time commitment? Check out our Arche Year program. Our fall Cohort is forming now! Writers in this unique, proven program will write a complete novel manuscript and build a professional marketing platform in less than one year. No experience necessary. Check it out here.

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