Jeffrey Lucas Jr. is a pastor from Plain City, Ohio who felt God inviting him to write. He applied to the Arche Year Cohort partially just to test his writing. We accepted him into the program and he accepted our invitation to attend.

Over the past nine months, Jeff wrote a complete novel manuscript. His historical fiction, young adult novel tells the story of a young Simon Peter, before he met Jesus. Jeff uses the manuscript to explore the social realities of life in the first century and to bring the biblical characters to life.

In conjunction with his novel, he also built a quickly expanding authors’ platform which he uses to help believers see the mission that God intended for their money. Jeff has a background in financial services, and believes that God is calling Christians to do more with our money than build a great 401K. He’s assembling tools, resources, and a community of believers who are ready to put their money to work for the Kingdom!

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Jeff was not only a great student but also a wonderful spiritual influence in our Cohort. He demonstrated an exemplary commitment to pray for, encourage, and share prophetic words with his fellow students.

We had a lot of fun with our Cohort, six members in total, but we can’t take much credit for leading it. The Cohort worked because of what each member brought to it.

“I would not say I felt ‘called to write,’ I would use language like saying I feel like this is an invitation that Jesus has for me,” Jeff explained our Meet the Men of Arche Year podcast. “I don’t know necessarily what He has in it, but I’m going to choose to accept it. I probably wouldn’t even have considered myself a writer coming into it. I would consider myself a lot of things, but probably not a writer. Then over time, I’m taking these small steps of obedience like doing the work that’s in front of me and saying ‘this is the work that God laid in front of me, I’m going to be faithful to that work.’  Over time, that has grown. I think there is this temptation to believe that God has called me to write a best-seller. But that is not necessarily the call, I think the call is to obedience. Then I can see, as I walk in that, that God actually put something in me for this moment that I never would have seen had I not walked to this moment.”

We’re privileged to declare Jeffrey Lucas Jr. a graduate of our Arche Year Cohort! Thank you, Jeff, for investing yourself in this program. You’ve done a tremendous job and we can’t wait to see where this journey leads you.

We did a full podcast episode with Jeff, which you can hear below or watch the full video here:

Learn more about Jeff on his website, You can also follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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