The deadline for our spring flash fiction contest is June 1. We’re looking for stories along the theme “Back to Life.” Get all of the details, info on prizes, etc. here.

This quarter’s content will be judged by the first-year writers at the School of Kingdom Writers!

We asked them, “What are you looking for as you evaluate the submissions?” Here’s what they had to say:

Anya Israel 

“I want to see creativity. I want it to be obvious that you took the time to make this story good. I want to see that you love your story. I love all genres, and *hint*: I love sarcastic characters. Surprise me, make me laugh, and you’re well on your way to the winning spot.”

Leanna Hampton 

“I’m looking for a creative interpretation or interesting twist on the theme ‘Back to Life.’ The story should have a clear story arc and hold the reader’s attention to the end.”

Thirzah Griffioen

“I’m looking to be introduced to interesting characters and settings. I enjoy being surprised and kept guessing, so an unexpected twist somewhere in the story would be a bonus! Otherwise, I’m just looking forward to seeing creative ideas translated into stories.”

Michaylah Malone

“Surprise me! Throw some twists on everyday tropes or write about animals. I’d like to see the writer having fun with their story as much as the consumer enjoys reading it.”

Get started!

So what are you waiting for? Get started on those flash fiction stories! You’ll have it done in no time. Get the contest details here.

Are you interested in becoming a student at the School of Kingdom Writers? Learn more here. This is an amazing program to jumpstart your writing career and launch yourself on a professional trajectory.

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