Katie Pozzuoli is a stay at home mom in Zanesville, Ohio. She has excelled at our Arche Year program, and we’re proud to call her a graduate!

Through the program guidance and mentorship, Katie has written a complete novel manuscript. She crafted a compelling, realistic story about human trafficking in the United States that is now ready for the next steps on her publishing journey.

“I knew that between taking small steps and making those small daily commitments to write, and then having the accountability of Arche Year and the cohort, that all that would be enough to make my novel a real possibility,” Katie explained on our Meet the Women of Arche Year podcast.

She’s also built a professional author’s platform which she uses to help women thrive in a modern, busy world. Learn more at KatiePozzuoli.com. Sign up for her newsletter to receive a free guide for self-care.

As a member of our Cohort, which brought six aspiring writers together for small group support, Katie led the way and inspired us all. Week after week, she set the bar high and proved just how much can be accomplished with focus and discipline.

“When I enrolled in the course, it was really because I wanted to write,” she said. “I wanted to write a novel. I don’t know if I would’ve said that I felt called to it. But through the process, I think that I have seen that writing is one of the most regularly life-giving things that I’ve done over the past six or eight months. I think that when God gives us something that is life-giving, that it must somehow be intertwined with calling. I don’t know exactly how all of that is going to play out, but I do feel like, at least for now, He has given me something that I really enjoy. I want to be faithful to do that in a way that is honoring to Him.”

We recorded a full podcast episode with Katie. Watch the video here, listen to the audio below, or find the “School of Kingdom Writers Podcast” on your favorite podcast app:

Congratulations, Katie! You have demonstrated how much is possible in nine months. We’re proud to call you a graduate of this program, and we’re so excited to see what comes next for you!

Learn more about Katie at KatiePozzuoli.com. You can (and should) also follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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