On May 7, 2024, five bold authors shared their stories and novel chapters with the world to receive professional critique. Brad Pauquette and Alli Prince provided feedback to these five aspiring writers, and now you can apply their lessons to your work.

This is your chance to listen in and apply these same principles to your writing. Brad and Alli touched on narrative voice, genre expectations, point-of-view, and so much more!

Note that this was recorded as a live Zoom session. Please excuse any issues with the audio.

If you’d prefer the video, you can watch it on The Company’s website here.

You can read the stories that Brad and Alli are discussing by downloading them here: writers.company/may-7th-professional-critique-materials-now-available/

Brad Pauquette is the director of The Company, and a publishing-industry veteran with more than 15 years of experience. He has worked with hundreds of authors to improve their craft and reach their publishing potential, including award-winning and bestselling authors. Brad is a published author and the editor of many anthologies, including the Best of Ohio Short Stories series. His newest book, The Novel Matrix, is scheduled to be released on July 10, 2024. Join Brad’s free newsletter to stay in the loop and join his release team.

Originally from Las Vegas, Alli Prince is a second-year apprentice at The Company. She is the mastermind of The Company’s Lawless projectCheck out her book on Amazon, and visit her website where she provides hope, good humor, and encouragement for authors.

These selections were included in this professional writing critique:

Planet of Orphans (Novel Chapter) by Jessie Plowman
The Great Crash of 2104 (Novel Chapter) by Anthony Findora
“Reconnected” by Susie Kirk
Straight on till Morning (Novel Chapter) by Hannah Shoop
The Allure of Ayrbelle Moon (Novel Chapter) by Kimber Anne Watson

You’ll need an account with The Company to access these materials, but you can get one for free here: writers.company/membership

Thanks to everyone who joined us live for this critique session. And a huge thanks to the authors who submitted their work for public critique. Thank you for being brave and allowing others to learn through your writing.

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