Thirzah entered our full-time training program last fall, moving from her home in Maryland to join us in Zanesville, Ohio. It’s been amazing to spend the last seven months with her helping her to develop her craft and build a writing business. We spent a half an hour with her to hear about her journey this far. She shared her process to get here, her hopes and struggles, and some of her work.

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Thirzah has done an amazing job in her time with us in Zanesville, Ohio. Her writing has improved tremendously and she’s launched a professional author’s platform. Most important of all, she’s found a new depth of God’s voice and direction in her life.

Thirzah grew up in a non-denominational environment and was accustomed to listening for the voice of the Lord. But something changed for her here. “When I first came here I was so scared that I was going backwards in my faith,” she explained. “Then I realized that I’m not going backwards I’m literally just changing, like the way I connect with God has changed in a way that I actually really like. I feel closer in many ways.”

In prayer during one morning chapel, Thirzah experienced a dramatic physical healing. As she explains in detail in the podcast, she had been experiencing knee pain for some time. Following a prompting from the Lord, we learned that one of her legs was visibly shorter than the other. God miraculously and instantaneously grew out one of her legs. She hasn’t experienced any knee pain since!

One of Thirzah’s goals for her new author’s platform is to inspire teenagers to take seriously their identity in Christ. “I know that’s something that a lot of people my age and younger struggle with, because it’s hard. When people say, “Your identity is in Christ,” what does that really mean? You can say that all day long, but if you don’t really understand what that means and you’re not able to take that as your identity, then it’s kind of worthless.” Thirzah is called to encourage and inspire teenagers who can relate to her experience.

The School of Kingdom Writers is now enrolling students for our classes that start this fall. If you’re considering applying, Thirzah had some helpful advice. “This is going to be helpful for anybody that really, really, really wants to write,” she said. “And they want to get out there but they have no idea where to start.”

If you’re considering applying, you can learn more at

As part of the curriculum, Thirzah wrote and recorded an audio drama. The full version of “Riddle Me This” is included in the podcast.

Give it a listen and check out Thirzah’s website at You should also subscribe to her newsletter, and connect with her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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