Join us on Tuesday evening, September 8, as we cover downtown Zanesville, Ohio in prayer.

Prayer is the foundation of everything that we do. Our mission is for global impact, but we believe that God is going to change our local community through this mission as well.

You are welcome and qualified to pray. Never prayed before? Great!

We will meet at the School of Kingdom Writers Building at 35 S. 4th St., Zanesville, OH 43701 at 7pm. From there we’ll split into groups and walk through the downtown area praying.

This will be a wonderful time to connect with the Holy Spirit, connect with other believers, and explore the city.

Children are welcome to attend.

If you’d like to pray with people you meet on the street, you’re welcome to, but it’s not required. You can pray out loud or you can pray silently. Our primary purpose is simply to bless the area and to claim it as territory of the Kingdom of God.

We’ll walk and pray for about 45 minutes, then return to the school building.

If you have questions about the School of Kingdom Writers, this is a great opportunity to come out and learn more, ask questions, and see what we’re about.

Find the event on Facebook here. Mark yourself going and invite a few friends!

See you on September 8th!

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