I was raised ultra conservative Christian, but with some complex factors. Now that I’m breaking a lot of the mental shackles I accumulated along the way, I’m not quite sure what I believe anymore. I know God is there, and Jesus Christ. A lot of my works in progress have a very solid relationship with God as part of the main character’s life. But can I go on writing for the main characters with confidence for the Christian audience when almost everything I used to believe is on such shaky ground right now?

Doc Dave DEWITT Posted new comment February 11, 2024

I read this a week ago and did not have an answer. Still don’t. Because one thing that you do not want to do is pretend when it comes to faith. Whether that is yours or a fictional character. It could come across as false piety, where one has a higher spiritual status than those reading because your character is perfect in faith.

Would like to ask a question. Doesn’t every person of faith have struggles or seasons of turmoil where there are grounds for faith being shaky?

I love being in small groups with pastors when they are not the leader, they are there as a participant. They show the real person, the one who has worries, unsolved problems, even fears. Might be some valuable characteristics to include in writing.