There is only one qualification required for this apprenticeship program: An unstoppable, unquenchable desire to write for Jesus.

This program is for writers who want to impact the world for Jesus. This can be a very broad box, including lots of different types of media, but applicants should be all-in for Jesus.

Candidates of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to apply to this program. Diversity itself will not be a deciding factor in our decision making, but we hope to attract a variety of applicants of differing ages, races, and social-economic status. We believe that a diverse student population will help every writer to mature in their work and to incorporate authentic perspectives into their writing.

This will be a rigorous, full-time program. All apprentices (students) will need to be on-site 5 days per week in Zanesville, Ohio for the duration of the 2-year program. Adult candidates of all ages who can make this commitment are encouraged to apply. While we do not provide housing, we will help apprentices to coordinate and find housing.


The ideal applicant has been writing and can show it. They don’t need professionally published work, but they do need to be able to prove that they are as passionate as they say they are.

Any kind of work is fine. Short stories, essays, novel manuscripts, poetry, blog posts, social media content—we just want to see that the applicant has been writing. Published or unpublished work is fine.

Writing and publishing is extremely competitive. It doesn’t take long to find out how hard it is. We’ve found that writers who have completed work and attempted to make their own way are far more teachable.

We’re NOT looking for the writers with the best credentials. Candidates who already have degrees or certifications are encouraged to apply, those things won’t hurt their applications but they won’t be a primary consideration either.

If you think you’d like to become an apprentice at The Company, get writing. Once again, you don’t need to pursue publication yet (though it’s fine if you have). Simply write and develop a small portfolio of work.

As we consider your work, we’re not looking for professional polish. We’re looking for talent, values, fluency, and creativity. Most importantly, this work is a conversation starter as we seek Holy Spirit’s guidance in selecting the right candidates.


This is an inter-denominational organization, and we encourage all Christians who can enthusiastically subscribe to our statement of faith to apply.

We are not a seminary or a school of theology.

We are looking for candidates who are all-in for Christ, and who know why they feel that way.

Candidates should be eager to connect with God on a deeper level, and be excited to see God show up in miraculous ways.

We want to see that your relationship with Jesus has authenticity. We’ll learn this through essay questions on your application, conversations with you, and the leading of Holy Spirit.


Nobody’s perfect, and that’s OK. Applicants who are doing their best to look more like Christ are encouraged to apply. Where you started and where you are is less important than which direction you’re headed.

We are looking for candidates who will not only excel in this learning environment, but that will also excel in this type of ministry. We invest heavily in our apprentices because of the work that you’ll produce for a lifetime after the program. So your potential to do this job following completion of the program is a very important factor in your candidacy.

To that end, in addition to spiritual maturity, we will consider an applicant’s living situation, maturity, financial debt, and other lifestyle choices. Not only because they might influence our learning environment, but because they impact your ability to be successful with these skills long-term.

Don’t let that intimidate you. It’s not an inquisition. We simply want you to be aware that we may ask you some questions about how you choose to live your life.


This will be a challenging program. It will be a vast departure from the pace and structure to which you are accustomed, more so than a conventional 4-year college.

This program will provide accelerated, graduate-level content at the pace of a full-time work week.

You are encouraged to apply. We welcome you. If you’re a good fit for the program, we want you there. Prepare your heart, mind, and body, this will not be the incremental transition that you might experience along a more conventional path, and this will be very different from the American “college experience.”


Applications are always open for the program beginning in the next September. Learn more and begin the application process here.

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