Simply knowing “how to write” isn’t enough. Secular MFA programs are cranking out thousands of so-called “qualified” writers every year, people who know “how to write” but work at Starbucks.

Our method of teaching creative writing is more effective than what’s offered at any MFA.  Our program also includes professional development, which fosters a variety of related skills that make the ability to write usable, saleable, and effective.

First and foremost, our students will learn the ins and outs of the publishing industry, including how to market and sell their own work. They’ll understand where the opportunities are, and the advantages of s variety of publishing and distribution paths.

Students will develop an “Author’s Platform” over the course of their study.

At the completion of the two year program, our authors will have a  marketing network in place.  Consistent with their calling and objectives, students will leave the school with a social media audience, email list, and other marketing assets.

These students will hit the ground running, ready to demonstrate to agents, publishers, influencers, and readers that they’re writers worth investing in. They’ll know how and where to find the connections they need to get a book deal, distribute a podcast, or connect with other creators.

We’ll also teach out students other skills which allow them to directly and independently distribute their work.

Blogging, social media, and other digital media will be critical to our students’ success. Some will find that their primary calling is in digital and new media, but all of our students will use these types of media to build their following and directly influence the world for Jesus.

To that end, our students will also learn basic HTML, advanced WordPress techniques, Adobe Indesign, and a variety of other software that can turn their writing into consumable products.

Our students will learn elementary photography theory and practice, as well as the ability to use Adobe Photoshop and basic graphic design tools

All of these skills will not only help our students to distribute their work, but will be valuable assets should they need to support themselves with freelance writing work.

We’re not just teaching our students how to write. We’re also teaching them what to do after they’ve written.

As a vocational school, all of our curriculum is learning by doing. These students will not just complete the program with a lot of head knowledge, they’ll have a portfolio of complete work and a professional platform in place.

Our objective is to train students to produce media that will change hearts and minds for Jesus. In order to do that, their work has to reach eyes and ears. These are the skills that complete that connection.

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