This isn’t just a secular creative writing program with a Christian gloss. This is a radically new and effective way to teach creative writing.

We are not just teaching students how to write. We are teaching students how to successfully pursue a writing career.

We are presently accepting application for our full-time class which begins on September 6, 2021. Learn more and apply here.

You can find a ton of information on our website about our curriculum, our inspiration, and our methods, but there are a few simple things that really make our program different and far more effective.

Learning by Doing

This is a vocational program. It’s not about academic ideas, it’s about doing the real work. You are going to spend two years writing—and doing a lot of it. You’re going to produce work that you can be proud of—things that you’ve always wanted to do, and you’ll diversify and experiment with new media as well.

You’ll be coached under the direction of Brad Pauquette, who has worked with authors at every level of the industry to help them craft their best work and reach audiences.


MFA creative writing programs typically base their program on the question, “What is good art?”

We ask the question, “What does the industry demand?” Our goal is to impact hearts and minds. We can only do that if people actually buy your books and share your worldview with others.

Training Multi-Modal Writers

Few writers today are making their total living simply writing books, and most don’t want to.

We help writers pursue a multi-modal approach to their careers. You’re not just writing books, your also pursuing other industry and writing-related enterprises to diversify your efforts and your income, as well as to develop broader influence.

Realistic Professional Development

We’re not just teaching you art theory, we’re teaching you how to manifest that in the industry. If you’re going to reach large audiences, you’ll need to understand the business of media and publishing.

Most programs abandon you after teaching you how to write. “Go write,” they say, but graduates are left to find their own way when it comes to finding opportunities and making deals.

We’re going to show you how the industry works, and show you how you to work hard to find the right opportunities.

Through the course of the program, you will develop a robust author’s platform. When you are done, you’ll not only have work to sell, but you’ll be in a position that is attractive to agents, publishers, and readers.

Spiritual Development

It’s not enough to be an author who believes in Jesus and reads their Bible. We’re training writers like you to effectively hear the voice of God, and to allow the Holy Spirit to directly inform your work.

We don’t expect you to be able to do that yet. It may even sound a little uncomfortable. That’s OK. We’re going to walk alongside you, step by step, to explore your specific spiritual gifts and your role in the Kingdom in a gentle, comfortable setting.

Individual Attention

Our class size is permanently limited to twelve students. It’s important to us that every student receives individualized attention.

For us, it’s not about getting everybody to fit inside of a pre-determined box. We don’t train everyone to the same target.

Our job is to spend time with you to discern your specific gifts and your specific calling, and to train you and stretch you to reach the goals the Lord has put in front of you.

The School of Kingdom Writers is unlike any other program on the planet. We don’t judge our success by how many people graduate, we judge our success by how many students reach their goals and affect the world for Jesus.

We’re serious about training writers who can produce great work, make great deals—and do so in real, active, personal relationship with the Lord.

We’re now enrolling our full-time class, to begin in fall of 2021. Ready to apply? Click here to learn more.

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