Recently, we asked this year’s apprentices to share their honest thoughts on their time so far at The Company.

Noah J. MathewsAlli PrinceRJ Catlin, and Vella Karman gave us their opinion on how our apprenticeship program, The Three, challenges them, how they’ve grown, and what they love about it. No coaching, no prompts — just their honest thoughts on the spur of the moment.

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As apprentices, they not only learn practical writing skills and the art of storytelling, they also learn about the business side of authorship and how to connect with God in their writing journey. The Company is a ministry school as much as it is a writing school, and we want to train up our apprentices to be Spirit-led writers who will transform the American media.

If you’re playing with the idea of an apprenticeship, we would love for you to apply. If you’re not sure if it’s the right fit for you, let’s talk and figure it out together. We’re all on the same team—to put you in a good and healthy situation moving forward. Maybe that’s at The Company, but maybe it’s not. The only way to find out is to apply and talk together.

If you’re ready to get serious about becoming a professional writer, is there any good reason that you shouldn’t fill out the application right now? Get started here. It could be the first step to something amazing.

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