In a normal higher education setting like a university, you sit tight and learn for many years. After graduation, you can seek employment and begin your career.

Most aspiring writers are counseled to pursue a 4-year undergrad degree and then to pursue a master of fine arts degree in creative writing. This, they’re told, will qualify them to be a writer. This process will take 6-7 years, and the average graduate leaves their masters program with $71,000 in debt from the masters alone, not counting any debt carried from their undergraduate program.

Graduation day is the first day of their career, and they’re beginning $71k in the hole.

The cool thing about an apprenticeship model like ours is that your career doesn’t begin at graduation, it begins at orientation. You immediately start “doing the stuff” on day one of classes, building your experience and your business.

When you leave the program, you are two years into your work as a writer.

Even better news, most people who start a new business, like becoming a writer, aren’t profitable for 2-3 years. Guess what? You’ve already knocked that out, and you’re ready to start making money in earnest.

Even better, better news: the total cost of this program is $14,400, and we help every student execute a plan to ensure that they can graduate with no new debt.

Traditional Path: Graduation day is day zero of your career, and you begin with virtually no real experience. You’re likely carrying at least $71,000 in student debt.

The SOKW Vocational Path: Graduation day marks two years of hands-on experience. You’re graduating debt-free and ready to hit the ground running.

Now it’s not all about money. However, if writing is your ministry, it’s very helpful to get paid for it so that you can continue to devote your full-time attention to the calling the Lord has placed on your heart.

Interested writers are encourage to learn more and apply for our full-time classes beginning fall of 2021. Learn more here.

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