Our tuition costs are dramatically lower than any other full-time writer’s training program that we’re aware of. At $14,400 for the full 2-year program, our tuition is almost 50% less than the average 2-year masters of creative writing program at an in-state public university, and more than 80% less than the same program from a private school.

We’re committed to ensuring that every student can graduate from the School of Kingdom Writers without any student debt. Our low tuition cost is an important factor.

For students that truly want to write and to affect the media for Jesus, this is absolutely the best program available. There are a few really good reasons why we can and do charge less than our peers.

This is all we do. We’re not funding research, athletics, or student groups, nor are we subsidizing unrealistic or outdated programs and courses. We must recover our annual costs in order to remain sustainable, but we’re not trying to expand or pay for anything else.

Our program is setup to be 100% efficient for the specific mission the Lord has given us.

No frills. You won’t find an immaculately manicured quad on our campus. You won’t find a standalone library, student center, recreation center, or health clinic. There are no intramural sports leagues. You’ll find a single building, adequately maintained and reasonably aesthetic, filled with books, workstations, and expert staff.

There’s a public library down the street, a variety of beautiful city and state parks to visit, as well as churches and recreation centers to build a wider community. Students may even find an opportunity to share the love of Jesus while they’re out there.

No scholarships. At many universities, some students pay full price, often accumulating significant student debt, in order to subsidize the cost of scholarships given to other students.

At The Company, everyone pays their fair share. We keep the cost low for everyone and have programs in place to help students raise funds for tuition and graduate debt free. If a particular student would like to voluntarily pay more in order to alleviate the financial burden on another student, I’m sure we can arrange that.

We’re small. Sometimes size brings an economy of scale and the cost per unit goes down. But as we see with universities, large size can also lead to ballooning costs and unnecessary administrative bloat.

We don’t retain a legal team, an ombudsman, or a donor relations team, this all results in savings for the student.

Our staff are ministers. Our staff could be paid more elsewhere. They take less money because they believe in our mission and the good work our community is called to do. Some of our staff and helpers are volunteers.

Debt-free. We operate without debt, which ensures the lowest cost of money. Student tuition does not pay interest owed to a lender, it pays for exactly what the student receives.

Students need only pay for the real and direct costs associated with their enrollment in the program.

For these reasons, we can offer a better program at a lower cost. We are 100% optimized for the specific mission the Lord has called us to.

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