Last month we set forth a new challenge: ask good questions, get good stuff.

You did not disappoint!

You guys came through with some great questions and really good answers! Check out the Question & Answer board here. The Q&A board is a Quora-style bulletin board, where questions are easily searchable and the best answers are presented first. It’s my dream that this will grow to be an encyclopedia of knowledge on writing and publishing for Christian creatives.

As promised, I’ve selected three questions to each win a $25 gift credit to The Company Store! There’s a ton of cool stuff at the store, including shirts, hoodies, mugs, notebooks, and more. We also have some new designs in production now that we’ll be sharing soon!

This was just for fun. There were no real rules or criteria to win. I’m just going with my gut here. In no particular order:

The first winner is: Hannah Shoop!

Hannah came through with quantity and quality. I think she asked a couple of great questions that will benefit not just her, but the whole community. Check out “How do you come up with plot twists?” and “How do I get better at writing dialogue?”

The second winner is: Vannah Leblank!

Vannah has an uncanny to cut through the crap and get right to the important stuff. You can check out her question, “Do penguins have knees?” Well, do they?

The third and final winner is Liberty Bluebelle!

I really admired the authenticity and vulnerability inherent in Liberty’s question. These are the kind of discussions that it’s important we can have as a community of Christian writers.

Liberty wanted to know, “Can I write Christian fiction while not knowing exactly what I believe?”

All of these questions have some great answers, too. Go check them out, vote your favorite, or add your own!

These three questioners will each be receiving a $25 gift credit to The Company Store. Go pick yourself out something nice!

There were a lot of great questions. Thank you to everyone who is helping us grow that space. With each question and each answer, it becomes a little bit more valuable to our community. I also had a lot of fun reading all of the questions and answers.

The contest may be over, but the Q&A board is here to stay!

So ask a question, any question. It can be deep, silly, thought-provoking, or just plain practical. Whatever your question is, chances are high that you’re not the only one who is asking it. When you ask a question, you just might be providing an opportunity for someone who is too shy to ask for themselves to get the perfect answer.

There are a ton of ways to get to the Q&A board. Here are three:

  1. Just put Writers.Company/Questions in your address bar. Bam! You’re there. Bookmark it if you’d like.
  2. There’s a link to “Questions” in the footer menu at the bottom of every page of our website.
  3. If you’re a member of The Company (which you should be, join here), when you log in you’ll see “Q&A” in the member menu, next to “Resources.”

Thanks for joining us for this fun little contest.

Speaking of contests, we’ve just announced the Winter Writing Contest. We want your best flash fiction on the theme “Compromised.” Get all of the details and submit your story here.

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